All sports – “No scoop” according to Claude Onesta”

within the margin of the rite of greeting of the minister of sports, Monday night on the Grand Palais, the former educate of the crew handball Claude Onesta has referred its report on the high-performance made public Tuesday.
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All sports activities – All sports activities – Claude Onesta at some point of the european Championships of handball 2014. (Alain Mounic/team)
Claude Onesta during the european Championships of handball 2014. (Alain Mounic/group)

“What have you achieved considering the fact that Laura Flessel has charge of a mission on excessive performance last September ?
I began with the aid of searching at what had already been written by using others, and analyzed their work. most of the reviews came to similar conclusions with a number of elements incentives to reform the French society at massive. I met the actors themselves, and labored from what me said, the athletes and their coaches. The document does not offer a scoop and invents not anything.

it is still a assertion ?
it’s miles a situation of the premises. this would not have meaning if it supplied all the solutions. this would suggest that, alone, i would have been capable of do what all of the others have failed. My record includes approximately thirty pages with a few pointers which can be the factors on which he’ll need to as it works.

as an instance ?
one of the problems perceived on this agency is underneath the umbrella of the high-degree one puts straight away the child is detected that falls in the zone of game and also a Teddy Riner or Renaud Lavillenie. And sadly, it’s far that truth that, once in a while, we don’t honestly realize what you are talking approximately.

“How will we move from the 8th or tenth place in the global to the 1/3, and why now not the primary ?”

what is your definition ?
Me, i would call the excessive-level deliver chain that brings the athletes to the level of overall performance ; and high overall performance, it’s far whilst this studying is finished, and while one is a part of the scope global. How is one then capable of flow from the 8th or 10th region in the world to the 0.33, possibly, and why no longer the first ? This remaining step is not very well controlled today. it’s far on this path that we ought to do pay attention our efforts very quickly in case you want to be on the rendez-vous of the objective set via the minister, that is all the greater complicated (double the forty two medals in Rio).

With who’re you going to paintings ?
there will be an entity so as to oversee the paintings with recognised sports, the olympic committees, and paralympic, the director of the INSEP, the director of sports and a person like Philippe Bana, the consultant of the DTN. below, there can be a crew of a dozen human beings, mainly humans from the INSEP and the ministry, so one can have a maximum of three months to skip from the circumstance of the premises the development of so one can be the implementation of the variations.”

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